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Anticafé: My new office!

  My discovery of the week: Anticafé, my new office! It was a moment that I passed by wondering what was the concept of this mythical place. The new branch is less than a minute away from the clinic, so I decided to try the experiment and get hold of it, the concept is excellent […]

We talk about us !

The largest massage therapy institute in North America, ie the Academy of Scientific Massage, has just turned a professional capsule highlighting our efforts and success, to put forward their schools and suddenly, our beautiful project! This video will allow you to better understand who we are and how high we have set the bar … […]

Shea butter as a gliding surface: why?

As you may know, most of our treatments are done with the help of organic and unrefined shea butter. I would even say that it could be described as our main working tool! Are you wondering why? We ask ourselves and have done extensive research to better understand this little magic nut! At first, we […]

Stress and cardiac coherence.

Heart Consistency: The easy and free way to effectively manage your stress on a daily basis. What is it? Concretely, the exercise consists in consciously breathing at a precise rhythm, governed by a free application for a total of five minutes, three times a day. Nothing complicated, and yet, the effects on the physiological reactions of the […]

Entrepreneur of the year

The owner of the Massotrp Clinic, René-Philippe Cousineau, was chosen from among more than 6,000 massage therapists throughout Quebec, as being the most outstanding entrepreneur in the field of massage therapy in the last year. It is the professional association My Network Plus, the largest and most recognized of all, which organizes every year the […]