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This beautiful project, which is so close to our hearts, has been alive for five years now. Since the beginning of the adventure, the intention of excellence has always taken precedence over each of our decisions to offer you an unparalleled service on all aspects of your experience. We take care of every detail to offer you a highly personalized and efficient service.

Massotrp Clinic is an eco-responsible company that focuses on the well-being of all. We offer some of the best conditions on the market to each of our teammates, with the intention of offering them opportunities for career advancement that are difficult to refuse. We know that the key to our success lies in the quality of our staff and as a result, we are as concerned about their well-being as we are about yours and we do everything we can to ensure that their well-being is optimized.

La Massothérapie est un métier on ne peut plus physique. Une santé optimale est donc primordiale pour espérer faire de cet inspirant métier une carrière. Nous avons l’intention d’améliorer les conditions de vie de nos membres, proportionnellement à l’ascension de notre parcours. Cette philosophie de bien-être est équitable. La qualité du service à la Clinique Massotrp primera tant qu’elle sera respectée.


Our unique approach focuses on detecting the cause of your problems and proposing solutions to eliminate their presence. So we can usually correct with our hands the musculoskeletal consequences of the cause of your problems, but we also give you a way to go so you don’t have to see each other again to correct the same thing again. We also work with therapists who practice other complementary disciplines (Osteopathy, acupuncture, psychology, naturopathy, etc.) and it is not uncommon for us to refer our guests to get in touch with them.

All the therapists we refer are leading experts in their fields and can make a significant contribution to optimizing your physical and mental condition. Our discoveries during your visit may lead us to refer you to one or other of the disciplines that we consider to be more appropriate and effective in addressing the problem(s). Team work is at the core of our success!

René-Philippe Cousineau

Founder & Director at Massotrp clinic
02. TEAM

Meet our dream team

Jeanne Soulières

Passionate about physical activity, Jeanne aims to help her clients optimize their physical well-being in order to promote better overall health. To help the body in a lasting way, she maintains the deep conviction that it is necessary to find the causal factors of a problem presented by her client. Never dissociating the physical and mental bodies, Jeanne listens to the person as a whole.

Audrée Balthazar

Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine and the practice of Yoga, Audrée is interested in the interaction between breathing and movement in problem solving. Massage therapist and hypnologist for several years, she offers you a unique experience of transformation towards more fluidity in the systems that need it.

Benoit St-Pierre

After years of teaching kinesitherapy at the Academy of Scientific Massage, Benoit now devotes himself to the practice of his profession. Trained in massage therapy, kinesitherapy as well as orthotherapy, he handles complex cases with transparency, insight and precision.

Benoit St-Pierre

Léa Latendresse

“What motivates me deeply is helping people regain control of their physical and mental health so that they can feel better and fully responsible for their well-being. I accompany them, give them tools and take care to listen to them and respond to their concerns. For me, self-connection is the first step towards well-being. The power of gentleness and listening will always accompany my treatments. I am above all interested in the causes of a problem thanks to a global approach to the body. ”

Adaée Lacoste

Adaée believes that each body carries a different story, therefore, each treatment should be too. She draws from a variety of muscle relaxation and gentle stretching techniques best suited to your needs, including deep tissue massage, trigger points and cupping. Its objective is above all your autonomy by helping you to understand the origin of your physical problems and by offering you advice and exercises to do at home.

Gregory Rivas

Gregory is a kinesitherapist and naturopath completing his studies in osteopathy. His goal is to facilitate the rehabilitation and autonomy of his patients. He focuses on the causes of imbalances in the health and nervous system. 

Louise Lafleur

With 20 years of experience and several years of teaching physiotherapy, Louise is interested in relieving your tensions. Her deep tissue massages, trigger point and suction cup massages reflect her mastery of the human anatomy.

Louise Lafleur

Mélanie Lefebvre

Mélanie bases her practice of massage therapy on the biomechanical understanding of the human body and its impact on daily life in connection with the personal experience of the client.

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