Essential oils, balms and creams

Essential oils, balms and creams

At Clinique Massotrp, therapists use therapeutic balms and essential oils to optimize their care.

Each balm has its own functions. In the case of inflammatory pain or respiratory congestion, a balm providing a note of freshness will be used. For muscle and joint pain in the case of low back pain or osteoarthritis, a balm providing persistent heat with analgesic effect will be applied. 

The same applies to essential oils. Each oil has its own properties. Not only to be a natural therapy, essential oils have many virtues! They are as interesting physically as they are emotionally. During your treatment, they create an olfactory atmosphere that stimulates your senses, your memories and gives you beautiful sensations. Due to their holistic aspect, essential oils are used for both curative and preventive purposes.

Do not hesitate to ask for them to try them out!

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