Shea Butter

Shea Butter

For therapies offered at the clinic, our therapists more often than not use shea butter as an intermediate glide. The primary reason that led us to use this material is mainly because of the quality of texture it provides when we apply deeper maneuvers. It allows some adhesion, while maintaining a pleasant glide for the receiver. As if that was not enough, shea butter is exceptionally rich in vitamins and fatty acids and is also known for its healing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.
Once warmed gently, it melts on the skin and penetrates deeply, allowing intense hydration. With its all-embracing texture and vegetal scent, it provides a most relaxing sensation.

Shea is without a doubt the best product for a deep massage and we do not understand why so few therapists use it as a working tool. It seems like it was designed specifically for this purpose! Having said that, this is not really the cheapest option … but we try to offer you the best service on all levels , so every detail counts and this one is quite important. To learn more about shea butter and its many benefits, we invite you to read an article we wrote about it that explains everything you need to know about this super nut.

We obviously keep a massage oil of exceptional quality for those who prefer the traditional glide!

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