Adaée Lacoste


“The moving body has always fascinated me. It is at the same time so complex and so simple, so powerful and so fragile. For me, there is no doubt that our well-being is inevitably linked to a body free from pain and free from movement. It is this premise that guides my daily work.


Adaée’s interest in the biomechanics of the body was awakened several years ago when she discovered rock climbing. According to her, this sport highlights the extraordinary capacities of the human body: a happy mixture of muscular strength, coordination and precision of movement, coupled with unparalleled creativity and concentration. When well mastered, it becomes a kind of dance on the wall. It is also through this sport that she honed the skills that are the basis of her practice in massage therapy today: efficiency in the work of her hands, problem-solving ability and adaptation to each situation.

Massage therapy is a second career for her. The first in digital project management will have fascinated him in several respects, but will also have allowed him to feel the consequences of prolonged stress on the body. “I experienced how its omnipresence in our contemporary lives could have an insidious effect on our health.In a desire to find a better balance in life, she turned to massage therapy to exploit what my loved ones had long noted as being a “natural talent”.


Adaée is trained in masso-kinesitherapy and orthotherapy at the Academy of Scientific Massage. She believes that each body has a different story, therefore, each treatment should be too. She draws from a variety of muscle relaxation and gentle stretching techniques best suited to your needs, including deep tissue massage, trigger points and cupping. Its objective is above all your autonomy by helping you to understand the origin of your physical problems and by offering you advice and exercises to do at home.


Practicing massage therapy since the winter of 2020, Adaée worked on her own in various settings, notably in a physiotherapy clinic and on a chair in the gym, before joining Clinique Massotrp.

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