Audrée Balthazar

“What drives me is to see a being connect with himself and become more and more curious about his healthy and natural process. I love seeing fluidity settling into a body and I feel a lot of gratitude doing this work when I see small changes guiding someone to more joy in their life. My experiences show me that movement, relaxation and deep joy are intrinsically linked.”


During these theater studies, Audrée encountered the potentials of the body, this marvelous and complex tool. With the work of the voice, yoga, dance, doors open and she is more and more interested in the well-being of being as a whole. A trip to Thailand took her to the heart of the traditional practice of massage and she decided, on her return to Montreal, to join the Guijek school and practice Shiatsu. Later, she studies therapeutic hypnosis, she joins a company and offers workshops and training in Holistic Integrative Hypnosis. She is interested in the connection between body, mind and breath in the experience of well-being. She conducts a study on the alliance of hypnosis and massage therapy and co-creates a method that uses conscious-unconscious dialogue to optimize health. She joins the clinic to offer her skills and energy in a collective atmosphere in the service of global health.

Thai oil
Massage for children
Birth support
Elmanian Hypnosis
Holistic Integrative Hypnosis

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