Benoit St-Pierre


“What I find gratifying is when clients respond positively to my treatments, when they let their guard down and trust me. The more I work on myself, the better I am in this exciting and rewarding job that best fits my life. This profession is first and foremost a helping relationship that motivates me on a daily basis.”


Benoit stands out for his precise and efficient practice. His listening skills and insight allow him to target and solve complex problems. His transparency and his own way of vulgarizing information lead to fluid communication that creates trust among his clients. This movement and philosophy lover is constantly surpassing himself professionally. He is in contact with the best therapists in several related fields such as osteopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy and psychology. Finally, he is an adept of meditation and yoga as well as physical activities like biking and, above all, climbing with his wife and daughter!


He joined the Académie de massage scientifique in 2010 to study massage therapy, kinesitherapy and orthotherapy. It made him later want to come back to this school, this time to teach for a few years. Benoit was, 6 years ago, at the forefront of Massotrp Clinic’s creation. He has been practicing there ever since.

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Ouverture du Club Hippocrate nouveau centre de santé alternative

qui sera situé au 4146 rue Sainte-Catherine Est dans Hochelaga


LE 26 FÉVRIER 2023 

Puisque notre offre de service ne gravite plus principalement autour de la massothérapie, Le nom Clinique Massotrp ne servait plus très bien notre cause. En effet, nous offrons depuis plusieurs mois déjà de l'ostéopathie, de l'hypnosedes soins énergétiques, de la Luminothérapie Helight® et plus encore...



Dès cet hiver, nous vous offrirons une grande salle de yoga chaud, de l'acupuncture, de la naturopathie, du coaching, de la psychothérapie et des ateliers divers portant sur le mouvement, la respiration, la méditation et la spiritualité. Nous intégrerons aussi un comptoir d'alimentation saine / bar à jus dans ce même espace!






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