Gregory Rivas


“What motivates me is to find alternative therapeutic avenues when traditional medicine needs complementary and interdisciplinary work in cases where a patient’s situation is stagnating or where the patient is unable to alleviate pain. This can occur, by instance, in the context of an accident that occurred in the past or due to the consequences of poor posture. My goal is to facilitate rehabilitation and autonomy by providing patients with tools they can use to maintain and improve their health.”


A sportsperson by nature, he has developed a keen interest in physical activity in the practice of massage therapy. His constant quest to improve his knowledge explains his interest in new therapeutic approaches such as applied kinesiology, which focuses on the causes, not the symptoms, of imbalances in health and the nervous system.


In addition to his training in massage therapy, Gregory has attended over a period of five years the Sutherland Academy and the Collège d’Étude Ostéopathique du Québec. He currently pursues his studies there in order to obtain his diploma in osteopathy and naturopathy. He also completed courses on the posture of the human body.

Before joining the Massotrp Clinic in the summer of 2020, he worked on his own for five years, which gave him the chance to treat athletes involved in sports such as marathons, Ironman, obstacle courses and CrossFit. These activities, sometimes extreme, allowed him to develop a clientele affected by back pain, as well as stress and performance anxiety. In the same vein, he has given numerous chair massage sessions to employees of large office towers in Montreal, an initiative much appreciated by them.

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Ouverture du Club Hippocrate nouveau centre de santé alternative

qui sera situé au 4146 rue Sainte-Catherine Est dans Hochelaga


LE 1ER AVRIL 2023 

Puisque notre offre de service ne gravite plus principalement autour de la massothérapie, Le nom Clinique Massotrp ne servait plus très bien notre cause. En effet, nous offrons depuis plusieurs mois déjà de l'ostéopathie, de l'hypnosedes soins énergétiques, de la Luminothérapie Helight® et plus encore...



Dès cet hiver, nous vous offrirons une grande salle de yoga chaud, de l'acupuncture, de la naturopathie, du coaching, de la psychothérapie et des ateliers divers portant sur le mouvement, la respiration, la méditation et la spiritualité. Nous intégrerons aussi un comptoir d'alimentation saine / bar à jus dans ce même espace!






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