Jeanne Soulières

“Sports are a big part of my life, especially competitive running and swimming. By pushing the machine to the maximum, I sometimes experience pain or injury. This is what brought me to massage therapy because, whenever I felt the need to get back in shape to practice my favorite sports, I made it a point to participate in a few sessions with a massage therapist.”

For her, massage therapy is a great way to feel better in body and mind. This therapeutic approach leads her to achieve her primary goal: to help others feel better.

Jeanne masters physiotherapy, a technique she acquired at Kinéconcept for two years. This approach serves him constantly in his quest to achieve balance between the physical and the psychic. She is currently training at Studio Sangha to master Yoga, a discipline that will take more and more place in her life and that she eventually wants to teach.

A massage therapist for a year, she recently joined MASSOTRP, an avant-garde clinic that offers her the opportunity to flourish not only in contact with other practitioners, but also within her practice, which favors amalgamation of body and mind.

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Ouverture du Club Hippocrate nouveau centre de santé alternative

qui sera situé au 4146 rue Sainte-Catherine Est dans Hochelaga


EN MI-MARS 2023 

Puisque notre offre de service ne gravite plus principalement autour de la massothérapie, Le nom Clinique Massotrp ne servait plus très bien notre cause. En effet, nous offrons depuis plusieurs mois déjà de l'ostéopathie, de l'hypnosedes soins énergétiques, de la Luminothérapie Helight® et plus encore...



Dès cet hiver, nous vous offrirons une grande salle de yoga chaud, de l'acupuncture, de la naturopathie, du coaching, de la psychothérapie et des ateliers divers portant sur le mouvement, la respiration, la méditation et la spiritualité. Nous intégrerons aussi un comptoir d'alimentation saine / bar à jus dans ce même espace!






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