Léa Latendresse

It often happens that people who experienced chronic pain in their early childhood have benefited, for example, from the benefits of naturopathy and acupuncture to control this situation over the years. Léa has since developed what was to become the leitmotif that would color her own life and give an essential impetus to her career, namely the ability to constantly learn about your own body by prioritizing prevention and general well-being.

“What motivates me deeply is helping people regain control of their physical and mental health so that they can feel better and fully responsible for their well-being. I accompany them, give them tools and take care to listen to them and respond to their concerns.”

Léa Latendresse studied naturopathy at the École d’enseignement en science naturopathique du Québec before becoming interested in manual therapy at the Kiné Concept Institute, which allowed her to master Swedish massage, the gateway to massage therapy. She then continued her learning in lymphatic drainage, in massage for pregnant women, in polarity (energy care), in peri-articular work and, more recently, in physiotherapy.

“For me, self-connection is the first step towards well-being. The power of gentleness and listening will always accompany my treatments. Above all, I am interested in the causes of a problem thanks to a global approach to the body.”

« Aux âmes bien nées, la valeur n’attend point le nombre des années ! » écrivait Pierre Corneille au début du XV11 ème siècle. Cela ne peut mieux s’appliquer à cette jeune massothérapeute qui a joint les rangs de la clinique Massotrp au début de 2021 après une première expérience dans un SPA de Montréal et une pratique à son compte.

– Naturopathie
– Massage suédois
– Drainage lymphatique
– Massage de la femme enceinte
– Massage péri articulaire
– Kinésithérapie

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